Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

 - - SPECIAL LIMITED RELEASE - - After some extensive R&D and test batches, we have the perfect combination of our favorite Guatemala coffee aged in a 10th Street Distillery peated, single malt, distiller’s cut, whiskey barrel.


Thanks to our friends at San Jose's 10th Street Distillery for the gorgeous whiskey barrels and their award winning whiskeys. Some of the BEST whiskeys in town!


So many incredible aromas and flavors are brought out of the coffee bean during the barrel aging process. The coffee bean continues to amaze us with so many different flavor levels to unpack.  We have LIMITED Batches available, so Order yours TODAY!


(Weekly Roast days: Monday & Thursday)


Certifications: Fair Trade USA, Organic USDA

Aroma: Whiskey, Bourbon, Slight Vanilla

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Citrus, Peat Smoke


Origin: Guatemala

Region: Acatenango, San Martin Jilotepeque, Coban and Atitlan

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Producer: Asproguate 

Processing: Fully washed




Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee